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*Subscribe and don't miss the registration deadline (first Monday of each month)

Heels is a sensual, fierce, feminine dance style done in high heels. This weekly Goddess Academy connects you to your most powerful self through sexy heels dancing in a supportive and feminine space.

Details: Every Monday, 5:15-7:30PM at 517 Lakewood Rd (Venus' Home Studio) 

What to expect: Goddesses learn the basics of confidence, performative art, and being drop dead sexy. First, we catch up by discussing our process of implementing Goddess Values and our training into our daily lives. Then, we do a warm up, stretching, dance exercises, learning sexy combinations and basic steps, and a fun activity involving group choreography, a dance challenge, or freestyling/improvising. 

Monthly Membership: Registration closes before the first Monday of the month. If you have canceled your subscription, you must pay your monthly fee and resubscribe before the first Monday of the month. If you miss the registration, you will pay a drop in fee of $60 at the door at 5:15PM before each Monday session.

What to bring: high-heels (a pair of Goddess Heels is recommended), socks, knee pads, and water.

All levels of dance are welcome.

Contact: or (850) 368-3703